Whether you're looking for maximum performance, intuitive answers, personalized motivation, deep relaxation, or focused clarity, we will create customized tracks tailored to your exact needs. We will help you to conquer your fears, unleash your potential, and connect with your joy.

Because we each respond to our own unique inner voices, our mission is to create tracks custom tailored to give you that extra edge you can't find anywhere else.


Guided Meditation tracks


Affirmation tracks

Goal Setting Question tracks

Enjoy a journey into total relaxation as you are guided with a track custom tailored with the language you most connect with and in a voice you love.

Create your own mindset with affirmations custom crafted to your deepest desires for enhancement, change, and joy, and delivered in a voice you most trust.

Tap into your deepest intuition to achieve your specific goals with questions designed to engage your wisdom, visualize your success, and reveal your inner potential.


Listening Tracker


Goal Tracker

Suggestion Reminder

Track the time and frequency you listen to your tracks. Also set up reminders and include inspirational messages to keep you motivated and focused.

Set SMART goal targets that you can measure as you enjoy the power of your personalized WonderTracks. Stay on target and take the steady steps that let you climb the mountain of your challenges.

Choose reminders that give you the edge just when you need it. Both text reminders and recorded audio affirmations that help you keep your context and mindset right where it has to be.







Creative and performing artists looking for creative inspiration, calm, focus, and presence under the pressures of performance, and awareness of your inner voice.

Professional athletes and dedicated amateurs looking to find and stay in your zone, remain focused under pressure, and to perform to your edge in all aspects of your game.

High performing executives and entrepreneurs seeking greater intuition, clarity and presence under pressure, and to constantly challenge and expand the limits of their comfort zone.


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